Carrot halwa

Suitable for medium-sized 4 sweet bunks

2-1 / 2 cup carrots
2-1 / 2 cup almond milk
Sugar or ordinary sugar of 8 spoon refined cane (as needed, can reduce or decrease this amount)
1/4 cup almond paste (optional)
5-6 cardamom powder or crushed
8 to 10 whole or sliced ​​cashew nuts
7 to 8 pistachios that are not salted - cut or cut
12 to 15 golden raisins
A pinch of saffron (optional)
2 tablespoons non-flavoring oil (sunflower oil)

Wash the carrots and peel off and mix the almond milk and crushed carrots in a pan. Put on the fire and let the mixture boil. Keep boiling and keep stirring in between. L Add cardamom powder after 15-20 minutes Let it run and when the mixture starts to thicken, mix sugar and oil. Keep it running and cook. When the mixture becomes almost dry, add almond paste and dried fruits, then for 2-3 minutes and stirring and cook L switch to hot or warm Serve Gajar halwa. You can use it for 3-4 days by putting it in the refrigerator.

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