Instant Lira Vermicelli Processing Technology

Vermicelli is a food made from rice. The word vermicelli comes from China which means rice flour. In the manufacture of rice is ground into flour, then cooked and molded into yarns, dried and sold in the form of a rectangular fold. A good vermicelli has a white and clean appearance, cylindrical-shaped threads that are slippery and uniform and separate from one another. Good vermicelli texture is not easily broken and not easily destroyed when immersed in water at room temperature for at least 10 minutes.

Material :
Catfish 1%
100% rice flour
Water kon-sui 50%
Sodium metabisulfite / vitamin C 0,05%

Vermicelli extruder machine
The flotation machine
Flour filter
Digital scales
Retort pan
Filter cloth
Basin / plastic container

Ways of making :
Fish flour
1. Catfish prepared and weeded clean.
2. Meat steamed until tender, side produce on boil with high temperature 1200C for 15 minutes.
3. Meat is pressed and shredded
4. Meat and byproducts dried and then carried out the siege

Vermicelli Instant Noodle
1. All ingredients are mixed together
2. Performed steam phase I
3. Then extruding
4. Performed steam phase II
5. Drying

Flow Chart Making Vermicelli Catfish

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