Sunday, December 6, 2009

Cattle food

In the choosing of cattle food to be considered rather than the substances contained therein, but also the nature of biological materials to be presented as volume and texture good palatabilitas least and the nature of food itself, because all will greatly affect the quality of food who entered the animal's body As with the example of corn beef to grind is too coarse of a relatively more difficult to digest than refined foods that are damaged food rancid or unpleasant would be marginalized if the material is forced to eat the food will certainly be detrimental concerned cattle such materials are difficult to food is permeated by a cow, especially green but should also be noted that the vitamin content in the greenery is influenced by many factors such as climate soil cutting and storage time

Thursday, December 3, 2009


Material for
1 packet gelatin powder 5 tablespoons white sugar 400 ml water.
l syrup
400 ml water 100 grams sugar 1 can of fruit lychees, drained
How to make
1.Boiled TO, sugar, and water over low heat, stirring until boiling and then pour into a bowl, cool to the 2.Grated long cheese while grated material was boiled syrup after boiling, strain, and chill for , and lychees fruit and pour into glasses and serve cold.