Katri Solo indonesia

is the typical snacks that taste sweet.
If you want snacks are served in cut, coated with a plastic knife or topical andan with coconut oil before the knife is used.
Katri Solo Material:

* Ketan white, 250 gram, soaked 1-2 hours, drained
* Coconut milk, 125 ml of 1 / 2 coconut
* Salt, 1 / 2 teaspoon
* Pandan leaf, 2 pieces
Upper layer:

* Egg chickens, 5 grains
* Red sugar, 125 grams, fine comb
* Sugar, 50 grams
* Wheat rice, 50 grams
* Coconut milk, 200 ml of 1 coconut
* Salt, 1 / 8 teaspoon
* Vanilla powder, 1 / 4 teaspoon
How to make Katri Solo:

1. Steamed sticky rice until half cooked for 10 minutes, remove from heat. Pour the coconut milk, salt and pandan leaves. Stir until milk is absorbed.
2. Steamed sticky rice until cooked again for 30 minutes. Lift.
3. Grease a 10x10x7 cm in size pan with vegetable oil / Cover with plastic, put sticky rice while compacted.
4. Whisk all ingredients except rice flour and coconut milk until blended. Enter the rice flour and coconut milk gradually while stirring.
5. Pour batter in pan-stemmed, cook dough, stirring until dough is thick. Lift.
6. Pour the egg mixture on top of sticky rice, steamed back over medium heat until the top layer of crust about 45 minutes, remove from heat. Chill, remove from pan and slice. Serve.
For 12 pieces
Katri Solo Tips:In order to more easily remove the cake, Cover mold with clear plastic.

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