Purple Yam Mud

250 gr purple sweet potatoes, steamed
250 gr sugar
1/2 teaspoon garem
1/8 tsp vanilla (me 2 small packs)
50 ml thick coconut milk
250 ml of water
125 gr clove sago peanut
25 gr rice flour

18 gr rice flour
18 gr of cornstarch
3/4 tsp salt
75 ml thick coconut milk
375 ml of water
1 pandan leaves

How to make:
Stir well all ingredients A except purple sweet potato, until the powder and sugar dissolves purple sweet potato belender in the ingredients A, until smooth, strain to thick
Put the dough into a mold that has been smeared with oil more than 3/4 parts of mold.

Stir the ingredients of the B  to the bubbles, input into the triangle plastic, inject the bhn B into the dough material A plastic tip slightly immerse into the dough, inject to the full mold, steam until mateng approximately 20 minutes lift let cool out of the mold.

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